Wonder city ‘The Line’ at Tabuk

What do we mean by the city? So did the vast land. Where citizens build apartments, educational institutions, offices, markets in residential areas for their own needs. But you know what? Saudi Arabia is going to change this traditional concept of the city. Instead of sprawling scattered buildings, the city of the future is being built in a long narrow line called ‘The Line’. What is there in this city of a trillion dollars?

  • Tabuk is one of the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia. Wherever the ‘Masjid Tawba’ is located. And it was here that Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) prayed five times for ten consecutive days during the Battle of Tabuk. The world’s most modern city ‘The Line’ is being built in this historic tabu. Its creation was announced by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
  • Three cities are part of the ‘Neom’ project in keeping with Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision Twenty Thirty’. One of which is called ‘The Line’. ‘The Line’ is being developed over a long area of ​​170 km. But interestingly, the width of the city is only 200 meters. Meanwhile, its community will be structured on three levels. And more than 9 million people can live here. The entire city will run on 100% eco-friendly fuel, resulting in zero pollution.
  • The chief officer of the ‘Neom’ project said that in 2023, the work of this city will be visible to the eyes. Accordingly, the pace of work is progressing very quickly. According to the Saudi crown prince’s plan, the city will be like the US’s ‘Silicon Valley’ in terms of technology. Apart from this, many changes will be made on the Red Sea beach. The beach sands there will glow at night. Apart from this, there will be technology to create artificial clouds, as a result of which rain can be caused even in the desert.

Wonder city 'The Line' at Tabuk

The education system will have holographic teachers, as seen in science fiction. Robots will do house cleaning. There will be transparent walls on both sides of this long city. It will reflect light. And these walls will be about half a kilometer high. Most of the city’s work will be done through artificial intelligence. As a result – time, money, labor will be saved. Water and electricity will be supplied to the entire city through 100 percent ‘renewable energy’.

Meanwhile the city is being built with the world’s best architects and engineers. The city will have a touch of green nature. There will be no carbon emissions from ‘The Line’. Residents here can get all the necessary services within a distance of only 5 minutes. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to travel from one end of the city to the other. As a result, there will be no need for a car.

It is assumed that the work of this dream city is going to be completed by the year 2030. Will you stay in the future wonder city ‘The Line’?

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