Who were on the FIFA blacklist?

The All India Football Federation (AIFF), the apex governing body of Indian football, has been banned by FIFA for alleged third-party influence in football activities.

On Tuesday (August 16), FIFA, the governing body of world football, announced the ban in an official statement. The Bureau of FIFA Council unanimously decided to ban AIFF, the organization said in a statement. This is because the undue influence of third parties in this organization has resulted in a clear violation of the FIFA Charter.

Meanwhile, apart from South Asian countries India and Pakistan, several other countries were banned by FIFA. Let’s find out.


  • The Middle Eastern country of Iraq suffered a big shock before taking the field against Australia in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. FIFA banned the country in response to the country’s government’s decision to dissolve the National Olympic Committee and National Sports Federation. Although reported in favor of Baghdad, other sporting events will not affect the Football Federation. And based on that source, FIFA later withdrew the ban.
  • However, FIFA said in a statement at the time that the country’s government will be banned again if it interferes unwantedly in football activities. A year later, in 2009, the sword of sanctions again in Iraq’s football. This time, however, the country’s football federation had to face such a ban due to the uninvited interference of the Olympic Committee. However, despite the ban, FIFA allowed Iraqi women footballers to play in the Jordanian football festival. The ban was finally lifted in March 2010.
  • Nigeria-2014
    After the defeat of Nigeria in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the country’s Football Federation (NFF) decided to dissolve the executive committee and form a new federation with government officials. In response,

FIFA banned the country’s football on July 9, 2014. Although the duration of this ban was only 9 days.

Who were on the FIFA blacklist?

FIFA bans Kuwait from regional, continental and international football due to third-party interference. The ban was implemented in October 2015. The ban was finally lifted in December 2017.

The Indonesian government was banned by FIFA for interfering in the country’s football. Which lasted more than two years. And due to this ban, the country missed the 2018 Russia World Cup and 2019 Asia Cup qualifying campaign.

Pakistan also faced sanctions due to third party interference. FIFA banned the country in October 2017. It was withdrawn in March 2018. Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) was again banned this year after 2017. It was withdrawn last July.

Apart from this, FIFA also banned Kenya, Zimbabwe, Guatemala and others.

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