Two children of two fathers in the same womb

The mother gave birth to twins. Everyone should be happy with this new member of the family. But the paternity of the child is suspected before the birth and hence the DNA test. And the truth came out. Then the woman brought forward the real incident.

What exactly is the case? Basically, the fathers of the twins are two different men. That is, those two children are born of two different fathers! What happens? Yes, it is natural to be surprised. But, not a story. This actually happened.

In a report on Wednesday (September 7), the British media Daily Mail reported that a 19-year-old woman in Brazil gave birth to twins after having sex with two different men on the same day. Their fathers are two different men.

The 19-year-old woman is a resident of Mineros, a small town in Goiás province, Brazil. After eight months of conception, she has doubts about the real father of the twins. Later, to dispel that suspicion, he tested the DNA of one of the two men with whom she had sex.

This woman had a firm belief that the man would be the biological father of her two sons. But the results are incredible. DNA results show that his DNA matches with one of the two sons, but not the other.

The woman told local news portal Globo on condition of anonymity: “I was very surprised by the results of the DNA test. I had no idea that this could happen. The children also look exactly the same.’

He also said, “I am surprised that the DNA of one of the children does not match with the first man.” Then I remembered that on the same day I had sex with another man. After that, I called him for a DNA test. With his DNA, the DNA of my other child matched.’

The 19-year-old mother says, I am surprised by the results. I did not know that such an event could happen.

But in the end, the name of the first man was registered as the father of both the children along with the mother in the birth certificate of the twin sons. The woman says, ‘He (the first man) takes great care of both of them (the two children). They help me a lot in their care. Give them all the help they need.

According to the press, doctor and researcher Tulio George Franco has been researching abnormal pregnancy for a long time. He says, what happened to this woman is a very rare pregnancy. He called it a ‘one in a million’ or once in ten million event. In scientific terms it is called ‘heteroparental superfecundation’.

He told the media, “This type of pregnancy occurs when two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by sperm from two different men.” Babies share the mother’s genetic material, but they grow in different placentas. In this case, the woman’s pregnancy was very smooth, with no complications. Both the sons were born healthy and did not have any health problems.’

This event is very rare and the 20th instance of ‘heteroparental superfecundation’ recorded so far in human history, he said. Quoting local media, Daily Mail reported that the twins are now 16 months old.

But Dr. Franco only spoke about the incident this week. Besides, currently one of the two fathers is taking care of both the children and supporting their mother as well.

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