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Tanushree blamed Dutt’s sexual harassment on Nana Patekar

Tanushree blamed Dutt's

A few years ago, there was a storm of protest in the world of cinema against sexual harassment. In the movement titled ‘Hashtag Me Too’, actresses from different industries from Hollywood to Bollywood brought their experiences to the public. Many influential actors-producers-producers who have sexually harassed are in trouble.

The Me Too movement gained momentum in Bollywood through actress Tanushree Dutt. He dared to open his mouth.

He accused legendary actor Nana Patekar of harassment. There was intense discussion and criticism about it then.

Tanushree again accused Nana Patekar. He said on social media that if anything happens to him, Nana Patekar will be responsible for it.

On Friday (July 29), Tanushree wrote on Instagram, ‘If anything happens to me, Nana Patekar, his lawyer and his Bollywood mafia friends will be responsible.

Who is this Bollywood mafia? These are the ones whose names associated with the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. By the way, the lawyer of all of them is the same person.

Calling for a boycott of those people, Tanushree wrote, ‘Don’t watch their movies. Boycott them completely. Many in the industry, several journalists are creating fake news in my name.

PR professionals also involved in this matter. Chase them all. Make their lives hell because they are harassing me to the extreme. The law may not give me justice. But I have faith in the people of this country.

A few days ago, Tanushree said that she threatened in various ways. Attacks on his home, car are happening.

His movie jobs  taken away. This time, Nana Patekar’s name  mentioned at the center of all the complaints. The actor has not yet responded to the matter.🔱

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