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Spain and Germany in Europe are in extreme danger of controlling the fire

In the midst of intense heat waves, terrible fires spread rapidly in the European countries of Spain and Germany. Fire fighters of the country are struggling earnestly to control the forest fires.

That being said, such fires are very harmful at this time of year. Because summer has just begun in the region. Qatar-based Al-Jazeera reported in a statement.

The worst-hit province is Zamora in northwestern Spain. The fire has spread to more than 25,000 hectares of cultivable land there.

German officials say residents of three villages near Berlin have been ordered to evacuate their homes as the fire intensifies.

Now this days every experts believe that for climate change, intense heat waves are flowing at this critical time. This is what is happening in the fire.

40 degrees Celsius temp. has recorded of overwere throughout the week in various Spanish cities. Such weather is mainly expected in August.

Moreover, this year there is drought on one side and very strong wind on the other. The situation is getting worse.

Most of the countries of Western Europe have experienced intense heat waves since this summer. This has disrupted public life.

Spain is a prosperous country in the region and over the world. Any kind of outdoor event has been canceled in one part of the country. Similar weather conditions prevail in Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

The effects of the heatwave are so great that a rare change has been made in the protocol of England’s higher Royal Ascot Racecourse.

All guests were allowed to wear hats and jackets on their heads, which were reserved for the royal and aristocrat family only.

Temperatures in Madrid reached 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 Fahrenheit, on Friday (June 18), according to the Spanish National Weather Service (EMET). Such a temperature has not been seen so early in the year since 1971.

As the heat wave intensifies, the demand for fuel in the countries has increased. Because the use of air conditioners is increasing day by day vastly.

This year Russia’s attack on Ukraine, on the other hand, has sparked a crisis over Europe. Inflation is not going to be controlled.🔱

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