South Indian superstar Ram Charan’s wife is again in discussion

South Indian superstar Ram Charan's wife is again in discussion

Southern cinema megastar Ram Charan. In 2012, he got involved in Satpaka with Upasana.

A long decade has passed since the marriage. But this couple has not yet taken a child!

Ram Charan is not easily found by journalists. So there is less opportunity to question him about it.

But his wife is often faced with this question! Late last year, Ram Charan’s wife got angry after hearing this question.

Upasana herself spoke about the issue in a recent event. There is a lot of speculation on social media.

Jagadish Vasudev is a popular person in India. He is better known as Sadhguru. Basically, Upasana appeared at one of his events and asked a few questions.

At the beginning of the speech, he said – ‘With great joy we are passing 10 years of our married life. I love my life, my family very much.

But why are people raising questions about ‘Triple R’?’

A few days ago, the movie ‘Triple R’ starring Upasana’s husband Ram Charan rocked the box office.

But what does Upasana mean by ‘triple R’ in his speech?

Taking some time to explain, Upasana said – “Triple R” means – one. my relationship Two.

My ability to bear children. Three.

South Indian superstar Ram Charan's wife is again in discussion

Introduction to my life. There are many women like me who are looking for answers to these questions.”

Appreciating Upasana’s thinking, Sadhguru said, ‘It’s good to see a woman who has decided not to give birth.’

Earlier, Ram Charan had explained the reason for not having a child and had said – ‘As Megastar Chiranjeevi’s child, I have some responsibility to please the fans.

If I started a family, I would be deviating from the mission. Worship also has several goals. So we decided not to have children for a few years.

Although Ram Charan clearly stated these things, many people dragged the issue of children at different times. With which worship is very upset.

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