Shahid Afridi’s startling decision on fan’s ‘who is more grounded in India versus Pakistan match’ question in front of Asia Cup 2022

Once more a blockbuster Sunday anticipates for world cricket as most outstanding opponents India and Pakistan will be facing each other in global cricket, this time in the 2022 Asia Cup. The match will be hung on August 28 at the Dubai International Stadium, similar scene where India experienced a disastrous 10-wicket misfortune to Babar Azam’s men. In front of the enormous match, previous Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi was approached to give his decision on the match results and his response was a startling one.

india vs pakistan
india vs pakistan

During a Q&A meeting with his fans on Twitter on Sunday, Afridi was asked on different themes going from Shaheen Afridi’s physical issue to Virat Kohli’s structure and his tentative arrangements too. Among those inquiries, a fan got some information about the looming India versus Pakistan game.

“Which is the more grounded group in Pakistan Vs India match and who do you suppose will win? #AskLala” asked a fan.

One would have anticipated that Afridi should answer with a single word tweet by showing backing to the Babar-drove side, yet he rather answered expressing, “Relies upon who commits the least errors.”

India had lost their last gathering with Pakistan which was in their 2021 T20 World Cup opener in Dubai. Shaheen’s shocking new-ball spell and Babar and Mohammad Rizwan’s wonderful organization directed Pakistan to a noteworthy success. Pakistan will anyway be without Shaheen in the Asia Cup competition attributable to a knee injury while India will be without Jasprit Bumrah , who experienced a back fit.

In general, India own a 8-5 record against Pakistan in 14 Asia Cup gatherings and has lost just a single time to their most despised rivals in the competition history over the most recent 12 years. Their main loss came in 2014 in Mirpur.

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