Russia’s purchase and training of drones from Iran

Russia's purchase and training of drones from Iran

Iran has trained Russian officials in recent weeks. On Thursday (August 11),

the US State Department said that Russia has signed an agreement to buy drones from Iran.

That’s why Russian officers are trained.

Last month, US officials said that Iran is going to hand over hundreds of drones to Russia.

Washington has full information on this.

Some of these drones are said to be armed.

Russian officials visited Iran to see attack-capable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The British news agency Reuters and Al-Arabiyah reported this. However,

Iranian officials have neither denied nor acknowledged this information.

Spokesman of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kahani said that Iran has a history

of cooperation with Russia in some advanced technologies even before the Ukraine war

Russia's purchase and training of drones from Iran

According to Reuters, Iran has been supplying drones to its allies in the Middle East.

This time, Tehran is coming forward with the help of Moscow in the Ukraine war.

US State Department spokesperson Vedanta Patel said, “In the past few weeks, Iran has trained Russian officials.”

US to impose strong sanctions on Iranian and Russian arms trade.

The exchange of drones between the two countries is restricted in many ways.

We are concerned about Iran’s use and expansion of drones.

He also said that Iran is using drones to attack US forces, regional partners and ships.

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