Outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease in Dhaka

An outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease has been reported across the city. Most of the hospitals in Dhaka are seeing patients affected by the virus. Children are mainly affected by this highly contagious disease. The incidence rate is higher among children under five years of age. Much like chicken pox, this disease is highly contagious. However, doctors say that there is nothing to be alarmed about.

Doctors say that people of any age can be affected by this virus. However, children are more likely to be infected. This disease is caused by coxsackie virus. Anyone can get infected at any age if they come into contact with an infected person and have a weak immune system. If affected, the palms of both hands, elbows, feet, kneecaps and inside the mouth grow like water springs. Water accumulates in some parts.

  • Mazhar Alam, a resident of Badda area of ​​the capital, told Jago News, “My son developed fever a few

    days ago. The next day I saw a rash on my hands, feet and face. At first, I thought it was spring fever, but when I went to the doctor with the child, he said that it is hand foot mouth disease. But the doctor said, it will heal very quickly. After eight days, the rash subsided and the child recovered. This disease has happened to many children in our area. very contagious

  • According to doctors, this disease is much like chicken pox, but a person can have it more than once. According to the US Centers for Disease Control or CDC, it is contagious and spreads more during the first week of exposure. It can be transmitted through direct contact with the patient’s body, fluid released from the body after being infected, droplets released through sneezing and coughing, mouth saliva, colds, feces.
  • If you want to know about this, the director of Dhaka Children’s Hospital located in Shyamoli in the capital. Jahangir Alam told Jago News that this disease is highly contagious. Very quickly it causes infection. But there is nothing to fear about this disease. Usually the patient recovers within 7 to 10 days.

Fever can range from a low temperature to 102 degrees within 3 to 6 days of exposure.

Outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease in Dhaka

There may also be a sore throat. Within 2-3 days of fever. A rash will also appear on the hands and feet. This disease is called hand foot and mouth disease because the hands, feet and mouth are affected. Rashes are somewhat painful and may be itchy. Dehydration may also occur.
Stating that many people are coming to the hospital with this disease, the director said that 15 to 20 percent of patients are coming with this problem. Even if the patient increases, the complications of this disease are less. Hospitalization is not required. He left for outpatient treatment. But many times rash appears inside the mouth. Then the child cannot eat. In that case, if you cannot eat and drink at all, we will admit you to the hospital and give you saline. We also found the maximum number of patients affected by this disease thrice. So once it can happen again. One should be careful not to be afraid.
When asked what to do in case of hand foot mouth disease, this doctor said that usually the disease is cured within 7 to 10 days. During this time, eat more nutritious food, eat vitamin food. Drink more water. If you have fever as a medicine, take only paracetamol. In addition, lotion can be applied to the rash on the body, and antihistamines will be taken. If it is inside the mouth, then it becomes difficult for children to feed. They may then need to be given saline.
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