Men’s volleyball world championship, Cuba match. Serve is the key. What is “the player who hits the most unpleasant serve” in the Japanese national team?

The serve that holds the key to victory or defeat

 It is no exaggeration to say that victory or defeat in volleyball is determined by the serve.

 The fight that the Japanese men’s volleyball team showed at the Tokyo Olympics and the Nations League proved that.

 Looking at the average height alone, Japan, who is by no means superior, must first attack with serves in order to seize the initiative. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take risks and attack. This commitment has led to good results in recent years.

 In particular, the existence of players called “big servers” who can pull the tide with a single serve and have the power to bounce back from any disadvantage is significant, and the captains of the Japan national team, Yuki Ishikawa and Yuji Nishida, are truly called big servers. In the Nations League, they were able to rank in 2nd and 3rd place overall.

 In particular, Nishida, who appeared as a relief server in the final stages of the 2019 World Cup against Canada and demonstrated a spectacular performance of five aces, is often regarded as “the greatest weapon of service”, but in reality, he is a member of the Japan national team. How do the players who play together see the serving power of their own team? We asked three players who are responsible for serving and receiving.

Japan vs Cuba
Japan vs Cuba

“A player who thinks ‘I don’t like it’ when the serving order comes around 23 to 23”

 First, libero Tomohiro Ogawa said that he disliked setter Masahiro Sekita first.

 Although he doesn’t use a powerful jump serve like Ishikawa or Nishida, he accurately aims at the course and target to break down the opponent’s defense and create opportunities to score consecutive goals. According to Ogawa, “It’s amazing to be able to keep hitting the same high-quality serve, not just one, but as a receiver, I hate it the most.” became.

 What do you think of outside hitters? Tatsunobu Otsuka and Ai Takahashi, who participated in last year’s Tokyo Olympics, both mentioned the same name. Ishikawa.

 Takahashi says:

“Nishida’s serve is at the top level overseas, and even if you are on the course with your weight on it, you can’t get the best serve. I can’t take it even if I’m in front of the course.I think that subtle adjustment ability is amazing, and no matter how bad you are in the game, you can cancel it all with one serve or service ace. His serve is amazing. If I was on the other side and the team was 23 to 23, and Yuki-san’s serve came around, I would honestly think, ‘I don’t like it.'”

 Otsuka similarly said that Ishikawa’s serve was “the hardest to get,” while naming another player.

“I don’t like (Miyaura) Kento’s serve as much as Yuki-san, or more than that. (Nishida) Yuji-san, Yuki-san, Kento-san, Japan has three world-class servers. I feel stronger because I am in it.”

 Cuba, who will face the final match of the first league, has players with excellent physical. The big game that will start soon is how effective Japan’s serve will be against Cuba. What kind of performance will Miyaura’s serve, which Sekida, Ishikawa, and Otsuka praise as “unique and strongest”, will show in the game? Attention.

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