Liquor shops in Delhi sold out within 1 hour

There is no way to tell that the day was a weekend Sunday.

Long line in front of the shop since morning. Standing for hours and sweating, yet everyone refuses to budge from the line.

Of course, this is not a line of ration shops or butcher shops.

This was the line at the liquor store. On waking up on Sunday, the liquor lovers appeared at the nearby liquor store.

He bought the desired liquor in line for hours.

Some took the whole box again. Fear in everyone’s mind, if there is no more alcohol from tomorrow!

  • Arvind Kejriwal’s ruling Delhi state government has gone the other way since the probe into the liquor policy began.
  • It was ordered overnight that from August 1, the old liquor sales policy will come into effect again.
  • Private liquor shops which were given licenses will be closed.
  • Since this announcement by the government, the sale of liquor has increased at a huge rate in Delhi for the past few days.
  • But on Sunday, the crowd was noticeable.
  • Just like the several kilometer long queues that were seen after the lockdown was lifted, the same picture was witnessed in many parts of Delhi yesterday.
  • Lt Governor VK Saxena questioned Delhi’s new liquor policy.
  • He also ordered the Excise Department to investigate the whole matter.

After that, on Saturday, the Delhi government announced to bring back the old excise policy

Liquor shops in Delhi sold out within

According to media reports, licenses of around 468 liquor shops in Delhi expired on July 31. The shopkeepers have already

emptied all the stocks due to the uncertainty about whether the license period of the shop will be extended or not.

And so in addition to the liquor chart in stock outside many stores, offers like buy one get one free, or buy one get two free are offered.

That’s why most of the shops run out of liquor within an hour.

However, in most shops, the price of alcohol was much lower than the rest of the day, the buyers said.

The manager of a liquor store in Delhi’s Laxminagar said, “There has been a lot of sales since morning.” The last few wines and beers are lying around.

Customers come and leave with what they get.

Those who are looking for a brand of their choice, have to return empty-handed.

Of course, buyers from not only Delhi, but also from nearby Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Faridabad came to the Indian capital on Sunday to buy liquor.

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