Jeff Bezos’ ‘Blue Origin’ goes on a space trip with passengers

On August 4, Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin will go on a space trip with six passengers. The company is using ‘The New Shepherd’ vehicle for this trip.

The entire journey is only 10 minutes. This is Blue Origin’s third space flight this year.

The spacecraft will take off from Launchsite One at 7pm Bangladesh time on Thursday.

Passengers will get the experience of observing the earth from outside the earth and seeing the space from the 10 minutes of the journey.

Among the six passengers, one Egyptian and one Portuguese will be on the trip.

This is the first time that someone from the two countries is going to space travel.

But more fascinating is the space travel of British-American climbers Vanessa and Brian

Jeff Bezos' 'Blue Origin' goes on a space trip with

According to Blue Origin, Vanessa is the first woman to experience the extremes of land, water and air.

He is going to enter the Guinness Book of Records by achieving the ‘Explorer’s Extreme Trifecta’.

Along with Vanessa, Dude Perfect co-founder Coby Cotton, Portuguese Mario Ferreira,

tech mogul Clint Kelly (III), Egyptian engineer Sara Sabri and telecom executive Steve Young are also on the trip.

3 and a half lakh feet or about 100 km with these six people. The New Shepherd will rise to the top.

At that height is the Kerman line, which is considered the boundary between Earth and space. However, the cost per person for this trip has not been reported.

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