In the current season, Barca’s income in two months is 86.8 million euros

Barcelona is adding one player after another in the summer transfer this season.

The question may arise as to how Barcelona is able to buy so many players after the club’s all-time best player, Messi,

was kicked out of the club after falling into the trap of rules last season.

However, despite not saying that, Barcelona has earned Tk 8377 crore in the last two months,

  • said the president of the club, Juan Laporta.
  • Barcelona has spent around 1445 crores in the current team transfer.
  • With this money, they brought players like Lewandowski, Kunde, Rafinha to the team.
  • However, everyone wants to know how the debt-ridden Barca is able to buy so many players.
  • With the money Barcelona earns in June and July, they will be able to register players and meet La Liga rules.
  • Barcelona have raked in huge sums of money in recent days selling studios, merchandising, TV rights, Nou Camp and jersey sponsorships.
  • However, it is still rumored that Barcelona will not be able to register new players.
  • Because, according to the rules of the league, the expenditure limit against the income has not increased yet.
  • In this regard, Laporta said, “We have worked hard to register new players following all the rules.
  • And if we have to do more, we will.
  • We are just waiting.

Now the decision will be taken by La Liga

 Barca's income in two months is 86.8 million euros

Laporta also said, ‘This is something that we were planning in advance.

And if it works, registrations will be possible, although many see it differently.

Barcelona earned 86.8 crore euros (Tk 8377 crore) in the last two months (bringing in a possible fourth contract),

we have no problem with funds,

we have a healthy balance sheet, income statement too.

We have gained a lot this season.

We have done what is required,

we are confident that we will be able to bring new players into the team.

Barca officially introduced Lewandowski to the Nou Camp yesterday.

The Catalan club is expected to introduce the remaining new players soon.

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