English club Manchester United rejected the offer of Barca!

Frankie de Young will leave Barcelona for Manchester United on a direct cash deal unless the incident takes a dramatic turn.

The Catalans wanted Harry Maguire as part of the midfielder’s contract. But the Spanish giants are not meeting that expectation.

Because ManU has returned the offer of the club.

According to a report in the British media The Sun.

Barcelona is trying its best to increase the attacking force before the upcoming season.

Despite having Eric Garcia, Ronaldo Arraho, Jordi Albara, the Blue Granners are desperate to keep some great.

To this end, Caesar reached out to Azpilicueta but did not find the light of hope. That’s why Barcelona is not sitting still.

Barcelona is not hearing any good news at the moment on the mission of increasing the strength of the defense.

English club Manchester United rejected
English club Manchester United rejected

The Red Devils have sacked Eric Ten Hague from

Ajax to come out of the failure of the last few seasons.

The Dutch coach himself has promised to bring back the old glory of the Premier League giants. Ten Hagg has Maguire in his plan, claims Sun.

There is another reason why Maguire did not come to Barcelona. Maguire himself said he was happy to be at Old Trafford.

Manchester United have finished the 2021-22 season of the English Premier League from number six.

The club did not go to the title in any of the remaining competitions. The captain thinks he has a lot to offer Manchester United after last year’s tough season.

It is worth mentioning that Maguire left Leicester City and signed for Manchester United in the summer of 2019.

His contract at the Manchester delegation will expire in mid-2025.

Before that, if the 29-year-old star wants to included in the squad,

the club concerned will have to calculate the transfer fee.🔱

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