David Warner in the face of Adam Gilchrist’s cannon

IPL has changed the lifestyle of cricketers in terms of money and glamour. But the proliferation of IPL franchises  plagued other leagues. Many even consider it a threat to cricket.

Ever since the announcement of David Warner playing in the UAE league instead of the Big Bash, the discussion has been on the rise.

Warner is expected to play in the Emirates under the Delhi Capitals franchise of the IPL. With which this batter is in the face of Adam Gilchrist, the former captain of Ajid.

David Warner is one of the most successful batsmen in T20 cricket. He is the 7th highest run scorer in T20 International history.

He also played an important role in Australia’s World Cup win last year in this format. But Ajid’s favorite Warner is facing criticism in the country’s cricket arena for T20 this time.

The opener has said that he wants to play in a new league in the United Arab Emirates instead of playing Azid’s domestic tournament in the Big Bash. Which did not like the former Kangaroos captain Adam Gilchrist.

He said, “If the Australian cricket team allows a player like Warner to skip their own event and play in another league, it will be commercially suicidal for Cricket Australia.”

What if he says – sorry Australian cricket, I will participate in various tournaments of Indian franchise from now on! No one can force him to play in BBL. But if Warner  given clearance, others may also seek the opportunity.

The team that Warner  supposed to play in the Emirates League  owned GMR Group, the franchise of IPL team Delhi Capitals.

Not only in UAE, but in the whole world now IPL. The Indian Cricket Board sold the broadcasting rights of IPL for more than 48 thousand crore rupees. So that the eyes of the cricket world widened.

  • However, the IPL franchises  not limited to just one tournament. Joined other leagues as well. The IPL has three franchises invested in the Caribbean Premier League.
  • Recently also took ownership of all the teams in the T20 league in South Africa. Many of the current and former cricketers do not see the monopoly of certain organizations in the franchise cricket market.
  • In this regard, Adam Gilchrist said, ‘I think this situation is the result of the dominance of IPL franchises worldwide.

The monopoly power of the companies is slowly becoming a big threat to cricket. Because they have a kind of control over where the cricketers can or cannot play.

Despite all the criticism, can Cricket Australia stop Warner from going to the Emirates in the end?🔱

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