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Company-funded Australian Soup Agency on a trip to Bali Island

Company-funded Australian Soup Agency

Employees act as the oxygen behind the improvement of any organization or office. And in many cases, most companies think

that raising their salaries is the only duty to keep these hardworking employees happy.

However, what has happened this time can be said to be absolutely unbelievable.

One boss, along with his office staff, went on a trip to Bali, a popular tourist spot in Indonesia

again for two weeks, with the cost of the trip on his shoulders.

The name of the organization that organized this exceptional trip with all the staff of the office is Soup Agency.

A video of the employees of the Sydney-based company traveling to Bali has already gone viral on social media.

Indian media outlet NDTV reported this in a report on Thursday (July 8th).

  • Many employees at Sydney’s marketing company, Soup Agency, could not believe their eyes when they heard
  • that they would be taking a vacation on a popular Indonesian island for two weeks in a row.
  • Needless to say, such an event is absolutely rare. And as soon as the news and video of it spread on social media, that boss has now been identified as the ‘best boss in the world’.
  • The company, called Soup Agency, posted a video of the trip to Bali on their Instagram account.
  • There, the employees were seen doing morning hiking, quad biking, having fun by the pool, hanging out, doing yoga together.
  • However, everyone in the office did not stop working for the company.
  • An emergency meeting was also held during the trip to Bali. However, the main purpose of this trip
  • to do a little office work as well as enjoy the time. Besides, there is eating and drinking together.
  • The caption of the videoroot published on Instagram reads, The sand trip is over, this is the first working holiday as a team.
  • I think everyone should build a good team for the workplace,

Katia Vakulenko, managing director of Soup Agency, told the Daily Mail. It is important to work together as a team. Whether he is at work or outside. ‘

Company-funded Australian Soup Agency

He added, ‘The Corona epidemic has taught us a lot. One of them is that there are new ways to work in the office.

The bottom line is that office work is not just about sitting in the office, it is possible to work from anywhere. So we really decided to take it to the next level. ‘

Kumi Ho, the company’s digital marketing executive, says: It’s definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

The tour scheduled for May this year, NDTV reported.

However, the social media users practically fascinated they travel to Bari

for two consecutive weeks with all the office workers. Also many people have commented below that video of the soup agency.

One user wrote, Lucky employee  we can only dream about it.

A second user commented, ‘If only I could get such a great agency and boss’. A third wrote, “Are there any vacancies in the company?”

According to the company’s website, Soup Agency is an independent digital marketing company based in Sydney, Australia.

Known for its innovative thinking and data-driven campaigns, the company has achieved outstanding results in its own sector.

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