The floating restaurant ‘Jumbo’ has sunk

The floating restaurant ‘Jumbo’, famous as a feature of Hong Kong, has sunk. This seaport restaurant has been in service for almost 50 years. The restaurant sank in the South China Sea while being transported to an undisclosed destination, according to its owner, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises. Aberdeen said they were “deeply shocked” by the incident, … Read more

Ripon is now a Dutch cricketer in the New Zealand national team

Bizarre life history. Born in South Africa, he was a Dutch cricketer. Michael Ripon has become the New Zealand! The left-arm wrist spinner has been named in the squad for the upcoming tour of Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands. Played a few months ago against New Zealand. But Ripon got a chance to play for … Read more

At least 13 people have been killed and dozens more injured in a bus bombing in Syria

Terrorists had targeted a civil bus on a highway connecting the northern part of Syria’s cities of Raqqa and Homs. As report, at least 11 soldiers and 2 civilians were killed. More than three other armies were injured in the incident. The attack took place around 8:30 am on Monday (June 20). The Defense Ministry … Read more

Spain and Germany in Europe are in extreme danger of controlling the fire

In the midst of intense heat waves, terrible fires spread rapidly in the European countries of Spain and Germany. Fire fighters of the country are struggling earnestly to control the forest fires. That being said, such fires are very harmful at this time of year. Because summer has just begun in the region. Qatar-based Al-Jazeera … Read more