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Amazing city under the sands of the desert

Amazing city under the sands of the desert

There are many tall buildings around the world.

Those buildings are considered their pride.

But there is also a city in the world that is located underground.

There are all facilities including hotels, pubs and bars.

The city is built underground in such a way that AC is not required even when the temperature is high.

Believe it or not, there is such a city in Australia.

The town is called Coober Pedy.

The town of Coober Pedy is famous because the town is located underground.

Upal gemstones are available here.

This city is in the middle of the desert.

  • People are amazed by the beauty here.
  • The people of Coober Pedy prefer to live underground.
  • Coober Pedy is located in the desert 864 km north of Adelaide in the south.
  • But some call it modern ‘Patalok’ because of its underground settlement.
  • It has been mined here for decades to extract the precious opal gemstone.
  • Because of which, people have made big holes here and built houses in them.
  • According to one estimate, Coober Pedy has around 1500 houses built on the mine.
  • There is no shortage of facilities in these houses.
  • Coober Pedy is called the opal capital of the world because most of the people here live in houses built underground.
  • The story of the settlement of Coober Pedy town is also very interesting.
  • Upal gemstones were discovered here about 100 years ago, and mining has been going on continuously since then.

    You may be surprised to know that 70 percent of the world’s opal gemstones are produced right here in Coober Pedy.

The pits that were created due to mining, were later settled by people

Amazing city under the sands of the desert

  • Notably, temperatures change very quickly in Coober Pedy, Australia.
  • There is a desert and a rocky area.
  • It’s very difficult to stay above ground here in the scorching heat.
  • Temperatures in Coober Pedy sometimes go up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • According to Australia, this temperature is hot.
  • In such a situation, living underground gives people relief.
  • Living underground saves people from experiencing extreme heat and that is why they prefer to live underground.
  • The town of Coober Pedy is built underground in such a way that it does not heat up despite the high temperatures.
  • It is worth noting that due to the walls of the cave there is no influence of the outside weather on the ground.

In Coober Pedy, there is no need for heaters in cold weather or AC in summer.

A large number of tourists visit the subterranean town of Kuber Pedy.

The Australian town of Coober Pedy is located between Alice Springs and Adelaide.

It rains less here. But still underground the people of Coober Pedy town have no problem with the weather.

Coober Pedy also has a museum, which people come from far and wide to see.

Coober Pedy town’s unique lifestyle attracts many people from outside.

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