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19 people died in sudden floods in Kentucky, USA

19 people died in sudden floods in Kentucky

At least 19 people have lost their lives in flash floods in Appalachia in the eastern US state of Kentucky.

This is the most destructive flood in Kentucky in decades.

In this flood, many houses were swept away by the flood water, thousands of people were trapped.

Kentucky Governor Andy Bessier said he expected the death toll to rise.

He said hundreds of houses and businesses were submerged in the flood.

On Friday, President Joe Biden declared the flooding in Kentucky a ‘major disaster’.

At the same time, he ordered the federal authorities to assist the local rescuers.

At least 6 children were among those killed in the floods; One of them is one year old.

Climate change is causing extreme weather events like the Kentucky floods, scientists say.

Kentucky Governor Bessier visited the flood-hit area in a National Guard helicopter.

He called the flood in Kentucky the “worst” ever.

19 people died in sudden floods in Kentucky

Bessier said many people are still trapped by the flood.

Besides, many more people are not found.

We are trying our best to find them all.

Hundreds of people have already been rescued by boats and helicopters from the flood affected areas.

The British media BBC says that there is widespread poverty in the flooded areas.

At least 33,000 people in that area are without electricity. Floods caused by heavy rains have also led to landslides in some areas.

Road connectivity in many areas has collapsed.

Appalachia has experienced flash floods before, Bessier said.

But such a terrible flood has never been seen.

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